dūra-grahaṇa the ability to perceive things far, far away; SB 5.5.35
tat-rūpa-grahaṇa-nimittam the reason why Lord Kṛṣṇa (Keśava) assumed the form of Nṛsiṃha; SB 5.18.7
grahaṇa-ādibhiḥ beginning with chanting; SB 6.3.22
grahaṇa-āturam afflicted because of being captured; SB 7.8.29
nāma-grahaṇa by the chanting of the name; SB 10.6.24
gala-grahaṇa-niśceṣṭaḥ because of Kṛṣṇa's grasping the neck of the demon Tṛṇāvarta, the demon choked and could not do anything; SB 10.7.28
grahaṇa by being forcibly held; SB 10.37.31
kaca-grahaṇa grabbing the hair (of Draupadī); SB 11.1.2
mṛt-grahaṇa-ādinā by smearing with earth and so on; SB 11.27.10
grahaṇa accept; CC Adi 7.149
candra-grahaṇa lunar eclipse; CC Adi 13.20
grahaṇa eclipse; CC Adi 13.92
pāṇi-grahaṇa marriage; CC Adi 15.4
grahaṇa acceptance; CC Madhya 6.70
grahaṇa accepting; CC Madhya 6.150
rāma-nāma-grahaṇa chanting the holy name of Lord Rāmacandra; CC Madhya 9.26
sannyāsa grahaṇa kaila he also accepted the renounced order of life; CC Madhya 10.104
karena grahaṇa accepts; CC Madhya 18.131
viṣaya-grahaṇa accepting sense objects; CC Antya 2.118
koṭi-nāma-grahaṇa chanting ten million names; CC Antya 3.124
grahaṇa kare chants; CC Antya 3.140
grahaṇa accepting; CC Antya 6.270
karibe grahaṇa will accept; CC Antya 7.135
nā kare grahaṇa he does not accept; CC Antya 8.81